希望來這裡的人都能保持愉快的好心情,所以請不要隨便口出惡言。 如果你不喜歡泡的文章請自行離開, 如果有什麼建議請好好說, 如果你留言只是想罵人我會毫不猶豫的刪掉。

所以我們看到的排行榜,通常都是.. 比方說,外貌排名前10、舞蹈排名前10等等,基本上都是比較正面的~
不過泡今天看到的這個排行就有點... 寫實... (?)


Vocal professionals rank the best and worst singing idol groups and members by Kingpolo on April 7, 2011 at 8:01 pm




Numerous professionals from the music industry recently got together to rank the best and worst sounding idol groups and idol group members, the results of which were recently published through a special Chosun News report.

最近一項由Chosun News所做的特別報告中,請教音樂界數位專家們共同選出最好聽和最難聽的偶像組合及成員個人排行被公開。

There are four sets of results in total: two for the best and worst singing idol groups, and two for the best and worst singing idol group members. A simple point system was used to record the results.



# The Best of the Best 王中之王


2AM came in 1st place for the best singing idol group with a total of 11 points, which was achieved partly by their hit song ‘Can’t Let You Go Even if I Die‘. “The lead singers and sub-vocalists are able to keep their voices stable at any given part of any song, and their talents are all just about even.”


Big Bang achieved 2nd place with a total of 8 points and their reviews read, “Due to their great musical skills, and a spectacular continuation of team effort, they scored well.” Coming in 3rd place for the best singing idol groups are the Brown Eyed Girls with 6 points. “Their live singing pitch and breath has always been maintained very well. Emotions are also expressed well.”

Big Bang以8分獲得第二名,專家給他們的評論是"他們的高分得要歸功於他們傑出的音樂技巧和令人嘆弗的團隊付出/努力。" Brown Eyed Girls在這個項目當中獲得6分,站上了三位,專家們認為"他們現場演出的音準和呼吸向來都保持的非常好。音樂情感的傳達也很不錯。"




Next up comes the best singing idol group members.




1st place was awarded to JYJ’s Junsu, who topped the list with 13 points. “The rhythm that Junsu expresses in each song is magnificent.” 2nd place ended in a tie between SNSD’s Taeyeon and SISTAR’s Hyorin, who both ended up with 9 points. “Some may argue that one of the two is better then the other, however each of them display a fantastic vocal range. Heartfelt emotions can be observed even when the two are singing pop songs.

第一名是JYJ的俊秀總共獲得13分的支持。"在每首歌中表現出令人嘆弗的節奏。" 緊接著在第二名的位置上競爭激烈的是少女時代的泰妍和SISTAR的孝琳,她們都獲得了9分的評價。"也許有些人會認為其中一位比另一位唱功更佳,但其實她們兩位都擁有超乎想像的音域和表現扣人心弦情感的歌唱能力。"

3rd place also resulted in a tie between 2AM’s Changmin and SHINee’s Jonghyun, both receiving 6 points each. Changmin’s comment read, “Talented vocals and spectacular use of breath,” while Jonghyun’s comment read, “Impressive singing ability, being able to sing a wide range of music well is a hard feat to achieve.

第三名的位子同樣出現了拉鋸,2AM的昶旻和SHINee的鐘鉉各自獲得了6分。專家們對昶旻的評價是"有才華的聲音和令人讚賞的呼吸。" 對於鐘鉉,專家們的評論則是"令人印象深刻的歌唱實力,不是每個人都能像他一樣能夠廣泛的將各種不同類型的音樂消化的這麼好。"



#The Worst of the Worst 問題中的問題


It now comes down to the unfortunate results for the worst singing idol groups. Coming in 1st is girl group KARA with 12 points. “Their vocals and rhythm have a decent sound, and there are a few cases where they display accurate sound, however their actual vocals could use some improvement.” In 2nd place we have After School with 6 points. “The group’s member selection seems to be constant, and with the addition of many new members, it seems that vocal talent doesn’t play a role. Some also seem uncomfortable on the stage, and certain members sing most parts while the others are just there.

現在我們要來看看不幸被評為歌唱能力最糟的偶像組合。被評為最糟一位的是得到12分的KARA。"她們的歌聲和節奏不錯(可能指得是錄製的唱片),偶爾也會表現出正確的聲音(? 泡懷疑這裡是指現場音準的意思)但是她們真正的歌聲還需要一些進步。" After School以6分被選為第二名,"組合似乎不斷在選拔新成員,因為不斷加入的新成員,歌唱實力好像就不是那麼重要了。有些成員看起來也不是那麼適應舞台,特定的成員主唱大部分的歌曲,其他的成員看起來就只是杵在那裡而已。"

T-ara came in 3rd place with 5 points. “It seems as if the members have a hard time finding their own personalities when they’re singing on the stage, and it’s often awkward.”



Lastly, we have the worst singing idol group members.



The list begins with Wonder Girls‘ member Sohee, who placed 1st with 12 points.

這個排行由獲得12分的Wonder Girls成員昭熙排名第一。

It seems as if she only has parts that last a few seconds, so it’s almost as if she’s not even there.” 2nd goes to KARA’s Goo Hara with 11 points. “Certain things need to b improved with, and her biggest weakness lies in her vocals.

"歌曲中她的部份似乎都只有幾秒,所以讓人有種她好像根本就不在團裡的感覺。" 第二名則是KARA的具荷拉獲得了11分,"有幾樣東西是她仍然欠缺的,而她最大的弱點就是她的歌聲。"

Lastly, we end in a 3-way tie between After School members UEE and Nana, and 2PM’s Chansung, who all hold a total of 4 points. UEE’s comment read, “It seems like no emotion is ever expressed on the stage, and is pretty shy when performing.” Nana’s read, “Her sound and image generally don’t fit well“. Chansung’s read, “More of his musical talent has to be expressed better.

最後我們有三位競爭者共同在這個項目獲得4分,包括After School的UEE和Nana,以及2PM的燦成。專家們給UEE的評價是"她在台上的演出似乎一直沒有感情,而且常常感覺容易怯場。" 對於Nana,專家們則認為,"她的歌聲和形象不相符。" 至於燦成,專家們評道"他在音樂方面必須要表現的更好才行。"

Source + Photo: Chosun News




真的很少見這種... 比較負面的排行,

至於為什麼要讓錄製的比例這麼重... 看完這份報告裡的評價大家大概也可以了解一點了吧?


想我當初看Wild Bunny的時候一度懷疑他是音癡哩 XDDD 熊燦抱歉阿~ 誰叫你那時候老是唱不準呢..
不過他最近有進步了啦~ 可見只是需要多一點練習而已~ 跑完健身房不要忘記去練歌阿~

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  • 這篇文我也有看到.AM終於熬出頭了.認證了他們的實力^^



  • AM的問題泡從來不覺得是實力.. 是那些歌都不夠討好,看IU就知道,之前好日子大紅,後續曲只有我不知道的故事就沒那麼popular~
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    昭熙據說原本是立志要當演員的~ 唱歌本來就不是她的強項~ 重點是WG感覺一直都是歌比人紅.. 她們團裡的主唱在泡看到的幾個排行裡都還沒真的得到認證。T-ara感覺主唱不夠突出、還有人根本沒唱.. 還有每次的主打基本都和唱功無關,好像都是節奏、電子配樂重於旋律,不是沒有實力而是根本沒有發揮過...

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