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同上篇,原文都在Allkpop,想要看英文版的,泡會附上連結,可以自己點去看~ 如果懶得看英文的人,泡有做了一下簡單的翻譯,不是很精確,不過大家可以湊合著看一下~ 有要指教翻譯的同學也歡迎在底下留言給泡~

Iconic songs from 15 of K-pop's top idol groups


Veteran idols nowadays have an incredible amount of songs under their belt. But  each idol group has that one song that defines them, the song that each fanbase  cherishes the most. Check out our list of idol groups' iconic songs below, not  in any particular order:


BIG BANG - Lies (謊言)


Sure, Big Bang has changed their color since songs like  "Lies", but this is the first song that shot the boys up to fame. "Lies"  snagged in fans from not just Korea, but all over the world, cementing the group  as one of the top contenders in K-pop today and setting the stage for every  single song that would become a hit upon release. Runner Up: "Haru Haru"

Big Bang雖然已經無庸置疑的改變了自身自"謊言"時期的形象和路線,但這確確實實是為他們贏得人氣的第一首歌。"謊言"席捲了不只韓國國內,甚至是海外歌迷們的心,樹立了Big Bang日後成功的基石也使他們成為k-pop的代表之一。 二位代表作: 一天一天


2NE1 - Fire



"Fire" set up the basic groundwork for 2NE1. The girls do the best when  they're telling haters and wannabes to get lost and letting everyone know how  good they are, bouncing up and down on fast-paced rhythm. Sure, songs like  "Lonely" or "Ugly" are amazing, but nothing says 2NE1 like their  debut song. Runner Up: "I Am the Best"

"Fire"奠基了2NE1在樂壇的佳績。2NE1用這首歌封住了所有的質疑,讓所有人看見了她們的才華和價值,歌曲在快速的節奏中躍動,她們的人氣也和歌曲一同快速地向上攀升。雖然她們其他的歌曲像"Lonely"和"Ugly"也很驚人,但沒有甚麼比她們的出道曲更能代表2NE1。 二位代表作: I AM the BEST


SHINee - Replay



SHINee's "Replay" image is both a curse and a gift. While the boys  cemented their popularity right from the start, they haven't really been able to  break away from the image of little boys no matter what they do. Sure, fans will  say they're 'men' now, but everywhere they go, they're still introduced with the  'boys who make noonas swoon'. Still, "Replay" is definitely the fan-favorite.  Runner Up: "Ring Ding Dong"

"Replay (姊姊妳太美)"為SHINee建立起的形象,對這五個男生而言是一項寶物也是一個詛咒。SHINee雖然從此得到了龐大的人氣,但他們不管做了甚麼努力,至今仍無法真正擺脫這首歌給他們豎立的小弟弟形象。當然,粉絲們會說他們現在已經是"男人"了,但無論他們去到哪裡,最為人熟知流傳的形象仍是"讓姐姐們心跳加速的男孩們"。"Replay (姊姊妳太美)"仍舊是粉絲們的最愛。 二位代表作: "Ring Ding Dong"


Girls' Generation - Gee



Ah, the song that's famous for turning the girls' numerous antis into fans.  "Gee" definitely shot these girls into securing the #1 spot. "Gee" set a  new record on 'Music Bank' (even though it was recently broken), and was  sung and parodied by everyone all over the world. In fact, the song is so good  that the girls themselves have yet to catch up to its popularity with their  subsequent releases, but the girls are definitely still going strong! Runner  Up: Oh!

這是一首讓Anti變成粉絲的歌。"Gee"絕對是讓少女時代成功站穩一位的代表歌曲。"Gee"在音樂銀行樹立了新的紀錄 (雖然最近剛剛被打破),並且被海內外無數人翻唱、模仿。事實上,這首歌的成績好到少女時代自己後續發行的歌曲都尚未能超越當時所創下的紀錄。但毫無疑問的是,她們的聲勢仍不斷在上漲當中。 二位代表作: Oh!

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry


This is what I call Super Junior's "Gee". (Actually, once they  sang "Gee" while the girls sang "Sorry Sorry", and I gotta say both were pretty  amazing.) The boys won their most awards with this song, and their follow-up  rode the wave to be just as popular. "Sorry Sorry" is so iconically Super Junior  that they still perform this song at ending stages and special  stages. Runner Up: U

這是筆者稱為Super Junior版的"Gee"的歌。(其實,當他們兩團互唱對方的代表作時,筆者必須說這兩團都非常驚人。) Super Junior憑藉這首歌得到最多獎,並且後續曲也都同樣獲得極高的人氣。"Sorry Sorry"實在是太能表現Super Junior,以至於他們現在依舊在安可及特別舞台不斷地唱著這首歌。 二位代表作: U

TVXQ - Rising Sun


One of TVXQ's most popular songs. Sadly, it is when they were five  members, and strikes a sad chord everywhere whenever Yunho and  Changmin perform it as a duo on special shows and ending stages.  While TVXQ's "Hug" and "TRI-ANGLE" were hugely popular, it's  "Rising Sun" that really set the groundwork for their popularity. Runner  Up: Mirotic (also a TV5Q song...)

東方神起最受歡迎的歌曲之一。非常遺憾的是,這是一首他們還是五人組合時的歌曲,讓人現在不管是在特別舞台或安可曲看到現在允浩和昌珉的兩人版本時不禁感傷。雖然東方神起在"Hug"和"TRI-ANGLE"時期就已經享有極高的人氣,但其實是"Rising Sun"真正為他們的盛名奠基。 二位代表作: Mirotic (同樣也是五人組時期的歌...)

2PM - Again & Again

Similar to TVXQ, this is a song where the boys had 7 members, and also their  big breakthrough. "Again & Again" cemented the boys' images as  'acrobatic-dols' and 'beast-dols'. 2PM is of course still huge, but fans  have been craving something big like "Again & Again" for a long time.  Runner Up: Heartbeat

和東方神起相似的是,這是一首當2pm還是七人組合時發行的歌曲,之後他們也同樣經歷了團體的分崩。"Again & Again"奠定了2pm作為"特技偶像"及"禽獸偶像"的形象基礎。當然2pm現在的人氣一樣高居不下,但粉絲們已經等待著和"Again & Again"那樣巨大的震撼很久了。 二位代表作: Heartbeat


Wonder Girls - Tell me


This is the song that swept the nation for the year of 2007, setting long  winning streaks and shooting Wonder Girls up into the stars. Some  may say "Nobody", which is the song that has to be the most  repeated song in all languages, but "Tell Me" is the Wonder Girls' real  powerhouse. Runner Up: Nobody

這是在2007年席捲全國的歌曲,成功的將Wonder Girls推向巨星的位子並且為後續的發展做好長遠奠基的準備。也許有人會說翻唱次數最多,並且被翻譯成最多國語言的"Nobody"才是Wonder Girls的代表作,但其實"Tell Me"才是Wonder Girls熱潮的起點。 二位代表作: Nobody

miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl



Another debut song to add to the list. "Bad Girl Good Girl"  was so amazing that it enthralled fans everywhere. miss A showed  that all four of the girls in the group were amazingly talented through the  song, and they've been reminding us that fact with every release. Runner  Up: Goodbye Baby

又一首出道曲即代表作。"Bad Girl Good Hirl"實在是太令人驚艷以至於降伏了所有的粉絲。miss A藉著這首歌成功地向世人展示了四位成員出眾的才華,並且在後續每一首推出的曲目當中,豪不懈怠的提醒著我們這個事實。 二位代表作: Goodbye Baby



T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep



T-ara has always had amazing songs, but "Bo Peep Bo Peep"  finally cemented their style with the repetitive, addictive hook and  choreography. We saw similar styles in their follow-up "Lovey Dovey" and  "Roly Poly", and it seems to work really the best for them. The girls are  the best with easy melody that gets anyone hooked, along with simple choreo that's  fun enough for the entire country to follow. Runner  Up: Lovey Dovey 

T-ara一直都有令人驚豔的好歌,但"Bo Peep Bo Peep"奠定在意義上真正奠定了她們的風格,容易反覆復頌的、讓人中毒的引導和編舞。我們可以從她們後續發行的歌曲,例如"Lovey Dovey"和"Roly Poly"當中看到相似的型態,而這樣的路線真的很適合她們。她們能將簡單、容易讓人上癮的旋律和有趣的編舞結合得很好,並且吸引全國的注目和模仿。 二位代表作: Lovey Dovey


Kara - Mister


This is the only group that has a non-title song as their iconic song. Not even  KARA or DSP Media were able to predict how much of  a hit this would be, but it went on to become the song that everyone was dancing  to instead of their title song. KARA's butt dance is still their most remembered  move.  Runner Up: Pretty Girl

這是唯一一個以非主打歌作為代表歌曲的組合。KARA和DSP娛樂都沒有料到這首歌會取得這麼廣泛的回響和注目,Mister後來打敗了當時的主打歌成為大家爭相學跳的一首歌。Kara的屁股舞至今仍是大家對她們印象最深刻的編舞片段。 二位代表作: Pretty Girl


Sistar - So Cool


SISTAR is the best with their big-vocal songs with choreo that show off their  amazing bodies. Whether it's a sad song like "Alone" or a upbeat song  like their debut "Push Push", Hyorin belts out the notes and  the girls flaunt their sexy bodies in the choreography. It's a formula that  works every time, and we aren't complaining. Runner Up: Alone

SISTAR最成功的歌曲路線結合了她們強烈發聲的歌曲和展現誘人身段的舞蹈。無論是悲傷的"Alone"或是節奏強烈如她們的出道曲"Push Push",孝琳的飆高音配合四人擺動的性感舞蹈,這就是她們的不敗公式,而作為粉絲我們也沒有甚麼要抱怨的。 二位代表作: Alone


Infinite - BTD


The song that gathered the most new fans was the boys' "Before the Dawn".  The scorpion dance awed everyone, and this really set the boys as the masters of  completely synchronized choreography. The image is still with them today,  showing just how big the effects of "BTD" was on the general  public. Runner Up: Be Mine

為Infinite圈進最多粉絲的歌是"Before the Dawn"。蠍子舞的表演驚艷了所有人,並且也為他們奠定了完全同步舞蹈霸主的地位。這個形象至今仍然跟隨著他們,證明了"BTD"對大眾造成的巨大效應。 二位代表作: Be Mine (成為我的人)


B2st - Bad Girl


B2ST is an incredibly diverse group that can fit the bill in any way they want.  You want dark, sad songs? They have them. You want pop dance songs? They got  those, too. How about the upbeat free-for-all songs? Well, they have that, too.  Because of that, it's hard to define a 'style' that B2ST is good at - they're  just everything. But still, their debut song describes them the best, as  fun-loving boys who are really too good at what they do. Runner Up:  Beautiful Night

B2ST是風格非常多元的一個團體,他們能夠隨心所欲的遊走在各個不同的路線當中。你想看黑暗、悲傷的歌曲?他們有。你喜歡流行舞曲?他們也有。那麼節奏強烈自由奔放的歌呢?不要擔心,他們還是有。正因為如此,很難說他們最適合哪一種風格,他們其實都適合。不過,還是他們的出道曲最能代表他們,展現了他們愛玩並且不管做甚麼都很上手的才華。 二位代表曲: Beautiful Night




例如Super Junior的Sorry Sorry和少女時代的Gee,真的是這兩團的核心。SJ後續發行的曲目完全都是同一類型、同一路線,少女時代的後續曲目雖然說在歌曲類型上不能說沒有嘗試新的領域,但也沒能再造出Gee那樣廣泛大量的風潮~

東團和下午班的曲目都很讓人感傷,這兩團都是泡很早就有在關注,但是互相歷經了團內的分崩離析,現在雖然仍都有在活動,也都各自擁有聲勢浩大的粉絲後援,但對泡個人來說,最好的時光一去已經不再復返。另外是最近因為昭熙決定不再續歌手約而確定將再一次受到考驗的Wonder Girls和因為Nicole希望離開DSP Media而造成解散說的Kara,其實這篇文章現在看來有些感傷,因為這裡面提到的好多團都已經出現了變數。


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